Thursday, January 30, 2014

Corliss Group Travel: Early Valentine’s: Hidden Romantic Getaways Perfect for Couples

Valentine's is coming up and there are more than enough ways for couples to experience something different but altogether romantic. Instead of going the traditional route, why not go for an intimate getaway in the offbeat track?

Planning early? Travelers Today has prepared a list of some of the world's lesser-known gems couples deserve to discover.

1. Plitvice, Croatia

For couples who love nature, Plitvice National Park in Croatia can make for a fantastic, educational and unforgettable tour. It's a UNESCO site and is home to Europe's most beautiful nature reserves, which consist of 16 emerald lakes each, connected by a waterfall.

Couples should look close enough and focus less on taking photos, as it's incomparable to personally see the colors of the lakes change from turquoise to navy. To add to the experience, it's best to stay in a rustic yet homey B&B.

2. Hiddensee Island, Germany

For both beach bums and nature enthusiast, Hiddensee Island is a dream come true. It's a place that's seemingly stuck in time with a picturesque view of the sea and a virgin beach perfect for a romantic escape.

Couples should try snuggling into a big beach basket made for two, which locals call Strandkorb and enjoy the view of the sunset.

3. Bettmeralp, Switzerland

For nothing short of a cabin romance, settling in Bettmeralp is the best choice a couple can make while in Switzerland. Guests board a cable car, which leads them to a car-free zone and into the quaint little village.

There's an incomparable view of Snowcap Mountains. Not to mention the best-tasting Swiss chocolate to add to the sweet vacation.

4. Canary Islands, Spain

While Barcelona and Madrid sound good for a vacation, a true romantic getaway this Valentine's Day in Spain is to be brought to the Canary Islands.

These lands have everything any couple wants in a perfect trip. Secluded beaches, cozy tapas bars, wine vineyards, volcanic hills and cliffs possessing the most breathtaking views.

A nifty tip is to rent a car in order to maximize the trip.

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