Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Corliss Group Luxury Travel Agency: Vältä luottokorttipetoksen

kesällä matkustaa kauden on pian täällä, ja Among Thieves ovat sitä kiinnostuneena yhtä paljon kuin tekin. Tiedä loma mennä pilalle tai varastettu luottokortti. Kun olet aiheuttamaan vastuussa petollinen perittävien maksujen korttiin, on vaivaton tekijä on huomattavan suuri, erityisesti silloin, kun heikentynyt kortti on ensisijainen debet- tai luottokortilla.

Hyvä uutinen on se, että kortin liikkeeseenlaskijat ovat järjestelmät luvattomasta käytöstä kiinni ennen kuin se tapahtuu, sanoo Marina Hoffmann Norville luottamukseni eu, American Express. "Olemme kehittyneet seuranta petosten havaitsemiseksi toimintana, joten näemme paljon tämä takaosasta", hän sanoo. "Voimme nähdä jauhemaiseen muotoon. yksityiskohdat, jotta voimme poimia kortteja epätavallista liiketoiminnasta."

Mutta sitä ei kannata luottaa kortti yritykset kerää väärennettyihin tapahtumiin. Lisäksi mukana on muutama yksinkertainen toimet, jotka voit suorittaa itse ennen käyttöönottoa, sen aikana ja sen jälkeen teidän The Getaway joilla voit suojata tietosi.


  1. BBB offers holiday travel tips-The Corliss Travel

    BBB offers holiday travel tips

    The holidays are a time for cheer but they can also be a time for stress due to hectic travel plans. For those planning to travel, staying safe must be a top priority and the Better Business Bureau Serving Wisconsin (BBB) recommends taking a few extra precautions when hitting the road or airport this holiday season.
    The BBB recommends taking the following steps before traveling this season:

    Tips for the Road

    • Create a car safety kit. Holiday driving often includes the threat of dangerous winter weather. Snow and ice can lead to accidents, car troubles, long delays, and road closures. You can prepare for bad weather by creating your own safety kit. Basics for the kit include a blanket, flares, flashlight with extra batteries, radio, first aid kit, cell phone with an extra charged battery and charger, jumper cables, nonperishable foods like granola bars and nuts, bottled water, an ice scraper and warm gloves.

    • Take the car in for a checkup. Breaking down on the side of the road can definitely put a damper on the holiday spirit. If your car is due for a check-up, take it in before making that long haul. At the very least, check the car’s fluid levels, wipers and tire pressure. Check the condition of your tires and if you plan on driving through serious winter weather, consider getting snow tires. For a listing of dealers and mechanics you can trust, visit

    • Drop the distractions. When you’re behind the wheel, don’t text and drive; if you must talk on your phone, use a hands free headset and put someone else in charge of the GPS.

    • •Start early and slow down.The best way to fight holiday travel stress is to allow extra time. The increased number of travelers means longer lines through security check in and more cars on the road.

    Tips for the Air

    • Make sure you are organized. Plane travel can get overwhelming, especially when traveling with the family. Make sure you have all the necessary documents including plane tickets, identification and itineraries. Having everything easily accessible makes check-in much easier.

    • Look into the requirements of your airline. Different airlines have different ways of handling luggage, and many charge extra to check a bag. Look ahead so you don’t get stuck with extra, unwanted fees. Also, airport security has strict rules about carrying liquid in carry-on bags. Check in advance to avoid problems through security check points.

    • Plan ahead for airport parking. Before heading to the airport make sure to look into parking rates at the airport garage. If traveling for an extended time, it may be more cost-effective to find alternative transportation to the airport. Some taxi companies offer fixed rates to and from the airport. There are also shuttles that offer daily schedules for airport drop-off. Looking into these alternative routes may be a great way to save some cash.

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  2. The Corliss Travel -Tips for holiday travel

    Thousands of people across Canada will be packing up and traveling this holiday season and to make it as painless as possible, CAA has put out some tips on how to make holiday travel by car less stressful.

    CAA spokesperson, Silvana Aceto tells 570 News many people are looking to get away from the cold and head for warmer weather.

    “They want places with outdoor activities, they may want to play golf or lay on a beach. Mostly people are looking for family fun.”

    Aceto adds that the top driving destinations for 2013 are Florida, South Carolina and Arizona.

    There are something’s that you need to remember before hitting the road, Aceto adds, such as planning a route, making sure your vehicle is mechanically sound, and being prepared when traveling with kids.

    “You want to make sure you that you have in-car activities, maybe it’s cards or a watching movies, or listening to their favourite music in order to occupy them.”

    Aceto adds that if you are planning to go away over the holidays, you should make sure you protect your home.

    “Unplug your appliances to ensure they don’t cause a fire while you are away, and don’t leave your keys on a hook by the door because that is the first place thieves are going to look. As well, suspend any newspaper subscriptions and ask a friend or a neighbour to collect your mail, and make sure your home looks lived-in.”

    It is also a good idea to purchase travel insurance Aceto says, because an unexpected trip to the ER or the doctor’s office can be expensive.